Pat LaFontaine
1984 USA Olympic Hockey Team
New York Islanders, Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers
Hockey Hall of Famer

I met Jacki Munzel in 2011-12. She was our power skating coach for the LI Royals Midget Tier 1 National Championship Team.  Jacki's experience, expertise and the way she teaches power skating at all levels is exceptional. Every player who played on our team learned from Jacki including my son Daniel. They all made important strides in their skating abilities and balance which has helped support their overall hockey development. We are all truly grateful for her commitment to teaching power skating."

Stephen Gough
Olympic Speed Skating Coach (USA & Canada)

I have been fortunate to work with Jacki for over four years. As her speedskating coach, I was able to observe her determination, work ethic, and incredible talent for skating as she strove towards her goal of qualifying for the 2014 Olympic trials. The level of performance she reached as a masters skater was nothing short of exceptional and is a testament to her athletic ability and her character, especially given the limited ice time that was available to her here in New York.  She truly is a role model.

I have also been fortunate to work alongside Jacki as a fellow coach.  Her multi-disciplinary knowledge of skating is unparalleled and this allows her to provide her students with the best of both worlds – the speed and power that she learned as a world-class speedskater and the balance and agility that came from being a world-class figure skater.   This expertise is coupled with a caring yet driven approach to coaching as she pushes her students to become the most efficient and effective skaters they can be. If you want to become a great skater, work with Jacki.

Making of a Royal follows NHL Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine as he coaches the Long Island Royals' AAA Midget National team. In episode four LaFontaine and Jacki Munzel discuss the role of power-skating as put the Royals through a series of grueling workouts.



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